Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Holiday Part One

Meet Rocky, my Godmother (Pat- who's hiding in this picture), and their little dog Louie. We were on our way to pick up their daughter Wendy and her daughter Emile from the airport. It was pretty late by the time we got home so we called it a night.
The next day Wendy wanted to visit an old professor from SMU and a dear friend of hers that is staying at MD Anderson and battling cancer. I had never been there before and let me just tell you it was incredible. Far beyond what I could have imagined. If you ever get the chance to visit there you should. The pictures below are from a section of MD Anderson where patients or caregivers can stay. They have their own apartments. I wish I would have taken more pictures!Just plain gorgeous. They even have a butterfly garden. Wendy, Donna and Emile. Isn't Donna just the most adorable thing and she is incredibly gifted.
You can just see the joy in Donna's face having people around her that love her. It was such a treat to get to meet her.
Later that day we decided to dye some Easter eggs. I believe this was Emile's first time and she was a pro!
Wendy's sniffing the vinegar. :oP
This picture cracks me up because you can see Wendy is giving me this look like, "Quit taking pictures of me!"
You can see my cake pops in this picture and I think they were a hit with the little one.
Three generations of women. Pat is my second cousin, Wendy my third and Emile my fourth!!
Ryan even got in on the action. He told her to mix all the colors together for the last egg to see how crazy it would turn out. It was actually kind of greenish. It melted my heart to watch him with her. They became quick buddies and Emile was always asking for him. <3
You can see the monster egg in the center. Greenish right? Almost army green.
Emile's fingers got colored in the process. Oh, she also pretended to be some sort of cat all week too. It was too funny.
Ryan brought out the Wii to show Emile and she was hooked. And I mean HOOKED. I think Ryan said they played for 8 hours straight one day while the girls were out shopping!! That should take care of Ryan's urges to play the game all the time. hehehe
She was a quick learner.
She takes time to love on Yogi a bit.
Ryan was her coach and rooting her on.
Don't mess with her! She knows how to punch now.
While they were playing the Wii, the girls were enjoying a fun shopping day and Mexican food.
More to come.

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