Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Georgia May!

Look at this beautiful smile! Ryan's grandma, Georgia May, just lights up any room she enters.
She is a dedicated woman, especially to her family. Georgia has a huge heart and you have to with five children, umpteen grandchildren and several great grandchildren! The picture below has two of her five kids in it plus grandchildren.
Harlan (son), Georgia, Linda, Alan (son), Sarah, Ryan & me

Her constant passion to read thought provoking books and drive to continue to learn is so inspiring to her family. She has this spark about her that keeps you on your toes and you know you got to come with your "A" game to the conversation. She's always ready to pick your brain and know your thoughts on just about everything. Her strong will, endurance, and hard working ethic has inspired her kids to go far. What a role model she is.
Emily, Evan, Adrianne, Alison, & Georgia
You can see the pure joy she has being around loved ones. Happy 92nd birthday Georgia May!!

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  1. Yay grandma. We had a nice evening yesterday -- went to the one Mexican restaurant in Lyons. They taught her to say. "Tienen nuvente dos cupliannos." Unfortunately we did not teach me to spell it . . .so you get to decipher AND translate.

    . . .I'll give you a hint . . .she's not 94 yet. =)


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