Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Italy Day 5

This was our day in... can you guess it? Pisa! We had heard there wasn't much else in Pisa besides the Leaning Tower. So we just decided to stop by on our way to Tuscany. And I am so glad we did. It was so much fun. We had a blast trying to come up with creative ways to hold up the tower. Plus the weather was gorgeous. We ended up being very lucky with weather the entire trip!

The Ebright family effort to keep the tower from toppling.
As you can tell, we took a LOT of pictures with the tower. Just couldn't help ourselves.
Don't fall over mom!
Duomo and Baptistery - Ryan & Harlan posing.
This random picture you can only understand if you have to sleep in the same room as my mom... Oh man... Let's just say have your ear plugs handy. :oP
Mom's valiant effort.
Go Emily! Go Emily! GO GO GO!
What a strong man!
Susan's just lounging on the leaning tower.
What up? I know I'm strong.
I believe this is the baptistery's dome. Sally and Harlan paid to go in. Apparently, they have someone sing in there every thirty minutes so you can see how the different music chords sound. Pretty amazing.
As we were headed out of Pisa Ryan spotted a McDonald's and almost had a stroke. To appease Ryan we stopped there for what we thought would be a quick lunch... one hour later still standing in line. I thought I was going to die. No McDonald's is worth that, even in Europe! But I love my husband so I just tried not to keel over.
I have to admit it was pretty tasty by the time we sat down to eat. The McDonald's there are a little different from here. They have curly fries, their own cafe, and they sell beer! Crazy!
After we got lost a few times, pulled over for directions, drove in circles, and used my iPhone to look up where we were staying, we finally arrived at our destination, Residenza San Leo Apartments located in Figline Valdarno.
It was gorgeous. Though, when we first drove up all we saw was the
side that had not been renovated yet and we kind of freaked out. I thought we were going to be staying in a dungeon. Thankfully, it was the opposite of that! Check out the view from our own private balcony! Oh la la!
My mom, Ryan & I all stayed in one apartment. We had our own kitchen and kitchen table.
Our own living room, complete with a satellite TV.
This was my mom's room. Super cute.
This was Ryan & I's room. Adorable.
Different view.
Completely redone bathroom.
Take a look at the two toilets. There are two of them in almost every place we stayed. Can you guess why? One is a boday. The Italian's are all about cleanliness.
This was the foyer between the two apartments. So we didn't even have to go outside to get to each other's place! It was our own private area.
Harlan, Susan, Emily and Sally all stayed here. It was bigger but you can't really tell from these pics.
I didn't get the best photos of their apartment but again super cute.
After we got settled in we ventured out to the town and tried none other then Pizza Ria! Ryan is enjoying his coke. I like the shape of the cans in Europe. Side note, Ryan pretty much survived off coke, cheese pizza and four different trips to McDonald's. McD's are apparently everywhere!
Emily enjoying her ginormous calzone,
Just look at that thing! It's bigger than my mom!
That night we retired to our apartments and played a mean game of pit. Which by the way, I won for the very first time!!!
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  1. Very funny pics with the tower. You guys did a great job taking them so it looks like your right there holding it up.


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