Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Italy Day One & Two

Ciao! We made it back alive! It feels like forever since we've been home but yet the trip to Italy went by so fast. We had the most amazing time and couldn't have asked for anything better. We got to do everything we wanted plus more. It was a jammed packed trip to say the least.

I am planning to post a day or two at a time of our incredible trip so that I can be more detailed about what we did. Plus it hopefully won't be so overwhelming. I kept a journal so that I could remember all the places and things we did. My plan is to put it on the blog for me to look back on and remember everything. I also want to make a photo book on Shutter Fly and I will just transfer what I write on here to that! Hopefully it will turn out great.

*Warning*Lots of photos to follow*

This is me at the Houston airport right after Ryan put the tag on my bag the wrong way. :) It kept poking out and sticking my face.
The excited couple ready to go. We were a little worried at first because there were a lot screaming babies around us and we didn't want to have to deal with that all the way to Europe.
Luckily, we didn't. Ryan was really excited about the food. We flew into Amsterdam from Houston and went on to Venice from there.This is Ryan and his dad, Harlan, on a water taxi to get to the island of Venice. It took forever but it was so fun.We lugged our suitcases all over Venice trying to find our bed and breakfast. We got so lost! Notice all the Mardi Gras items in this picture. They were everywhere! I didn't realize that it started in Venice.And we just so happened upon Sally in our search for our B&B! Miracle I tell you!
Reunited and it feels so good! Sally with her mama Susan.
This was where we stayed. The roads are so narrow there and buildings so close together. So cute! I'm not sure what Emily is doing in this picture but I think she's really excited!
We had two rooms that 6 of us shared. Sally was still with her classmates at this point. So many cute bridges across canals in Venice.
I loved seeing all the gondola's everywhere. It was so whimsical. Once we finally checked in and got settled we did a little exploring. This is the Piazza San Marco. There are a lot of shops and places to eat here.The Campanile Lots and lots of pigeons everywhere.
Basilica di San Marco. This was a gorgeous church but we couldn't take pictures inside. There where all kinds of Mosaic's, paintings, marble, glass and all kinds of treasures in here.This picture was for Miles. (He's just a little into cars)Our first meal in Italy. Boy were we shocked at the price! It's insane what a few slices of pizza and water costs over there. Mary (in red) is one of Sally's friends studying abroad with her. She joined us for a day of exploring. Venice was so beautiful. I loved walking up and down the canals. It's so amazing to see a big city like Venice practically floating on water.
That night after we had thoroughly explored and shopped, we took the ever so famous gondola ride. We heard it was better to take it at night so you can see all the lights lit up.
Since there where 8 of us that day we had to take two. This is my mom, Emily, Sally and Mary in one of the gondolas.The cute couple, Harlan & Susan. The tired but thrilled couple, Ryan & I. It was getting pretty chilly by this point but I didn't care. I was in Venice!!
So fun.
I thought this picture was neat. It looks like the city was on fire. Rest assured that it was just the setting of my camera that caused this.One of the more famous bridges in Venice, the Rialto bridge. More night shots. Not very clear but I still like it.
We ended our night with a big coke... of course!! ;) We can't go too long without it. Ha!
We also went to the Accademia museum that day but I didn't get any pictures of the front of it. I don't think the outside of it was all that exciting. The inside was mostly paintings in the Renaissance era, very beautiful. We also had our first taste of gelato ice cream this day too. That pretty much concludes the first day and a half of our trip. I will pick up the rest of the trip in Venice later this week. I know you are waiting on the edge of your seats.

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  1. Wow, what gorgeous pics. I'm so jealous. I would love to go to Italy.


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