Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy Bee

We've been super busy over the last few days with our last minute preparations for our big trip to Italy. I had no idea all the things I had to think about for international travel and packing for 13 days. Sheesh! I'm just crossing my fingers that nobody gets sick either before or during the vacation. Ryan already hurt his back on Saturday playing basketball so he's taking it easy. I hope that is the only thing that happens. Knock on wood.

It's finally setting in that we are actually going. Our bags are packed and tying up all the loose ends. My mom, Ryan & I have never been to Europe so this trip is especially exciting for us. I can't wait to see Sally and have her show us all around and see her school. I promise to document everything and take lots of pictures. If you know me, it will be play be play. :) I won't have access to a computer so I will update everyone when I get back. Don't miss me too much!

I can't take Ryan anywhere!! :P This was from a shopping trip a few months ago, and I just thought it was funny and reflects how it's been to shopping with Ryan for this trip.
Also, an update on my toes! I finally gave myself my first pedicure since the tragedy. They are still not quite ready for a pedicurist to do them, but hopefully in another month or so. You can read about it here and here. I just wanted to prove I still do have big toe nails and they are still cute. Thank the Lord! I'm sure you were all curious what they looked like now... Ha!
I'm going to post one last time tomorrow before we head out on our family adventure!

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