Saturday, February 28, 2009

Before & After

Thanks to my friend Sarah I tried out a new hair stylist today. I have not had a hair cut since September people! I thought I should rectify this before our big trip to Italy in a week and a half! My hair was in need. I had a short hair cut style last time that doesn't really look right now that it's longer. I've been trying to grow it out again. I'm always going back and forth.
So I had her add some layers to the front and back to give a little more umph! I really liked what she did! If you need a name of a good stylist let me know. ;)
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  1. Love your new -do! I may have to take your pic with me when I go get mine cut soon. I've been trying to go for the past month, but my kids get sick every time I have an appt, so I haven't had a cut since Sept too and my hair is the same length as your hair. Love it!

    PS - the word I have to type for verification is "flingspo" ha!


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