Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Be my friend!

Hey guys, I know people have to be reading my blog because I see the counter going up! :) I would absolutely love if you would be my friend on the right side bar of my blog. You can still be my friend even if you don't have a blog. I think it even lets you know if I've posted. How awesome it that?? It would be great to see your beautiful faces and click over to your blogs or just see how many people love me! jk. Even my mom didn't list herself as my friend. Thanks a bunch.
Nerd (Who loves soda entirely too much!) but still be her friend.
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  1. That is too funny because I added myself earlier today. It is a picture of my three boys.

    We were practically neighbors!!! I have lived in Lee's Summit all but five years of my life. When I was first born, my parents had a house in Raytown and moved to Lee's Summit when I was two. I graduated from Lee's Summit as well. Then I moved up north to Kansas City by metro north mall for about three years with Carson's dad. Then moved all three boys and I back to LS.

    My mother owns a hair salon in Red Bridge shopping center and then two more at 103rd and Wornall and 99th and Holmes. I own a day spa in the Brookside/Waldo area. Any of these locations sound familair to you?

    Of course my mom and dad are divorced and when I was in high school, he lived near 119th and Roe.

    So how is that for a small world????

    I'm sure your younger than I, I'm 34. YOu are what, 25ish????

    My private e-mail is

    Keep it in case you need anything and don't want to advertise it on our blogs. (Even though I have never had any problems with that)

    Talk to you soon my new good blogging buddy,


  2. Lindsey,

    It's been a while since we blogged, but I just saw your comment. Thanks for the prayers! Zach's really doing great! I've been so impressed by how quickly he adjusted to everything.

    And now, since I'm new at this and entirely not technological, how do i be your friend? I have NO idea how that works!


  3. Hi Sweetie,
    I love reading your blog updates. Your really good at it, plus it helps me keep up with what all you guys are doing as well as the rest of the family. :) Talk to you soon. Hope you'll had a good visit with Susan and Emily this weekend.

    Love you, Mom :)


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