Friday, February 13, 2009


This past weekend when Susan & Emily visited, they brought us this amazing vehicle!! This is actually Sally's car but since she is in Italy her car was lonely. So we decided to take it in while she is away and take good care of it! Sally if you are still reading this blog from Italy (props!) I want you to know that your car misses you but it's having a good time in Houston. Thank you Susan & Emily for driving it down and Sally for letting us borrow this beauty.

For those of you that don't know, Ryan & I have only had one car now for the past two years. There are many reasons for this some being that we bought a slightly expensive car and only want one car payment at a time. Also we work together so we carpool together anyway so we barely ever drove the second car we used to have. Plus it's a good discipline that we practice. I know I will look back at this time Ryan & I had with one car and cherish it. It has been so fun riding to and from work together and really relying on each other. We are only doing this one more year and our current car will be paid off. So having this awesome Rav will help out a bit for a little while.

Another little treasure we received this weekend was this gorgeous bird feeder. Susan & Emily picked it up for us while they were out shopping in Houston. We love it! Our backyard was in need of a little sprucing. I wanted to show you guys where we ended up putting it. I hope you like it!

We decided to stay outside awhile and enjoy the new addition. Plus it was our first time to sit outside since the weather started getting warmer. KC decided to join us for a little bit.
The final piece of awesomeness from this past weekend were these homemade coasters! They are made from the trees at the Ebright farm. Harlan cut them and I believe Emily put a little stain on them. They are very special to us and mean a lot. We love having something from back home and they are so stylin'. THANK YOU!!
Well I hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day!! I will be baking a few goodies this weekend and will post the recipes later if they turn out well.
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  1. Well I'm always up for new recipes.

    Looks like you had Christmas all over again with your visitors. I love the coasters. I would put them in my livingroom in a heartbeat.

    Hope you have an excellent weekend and BTW, Smokestack is the best. My second favorite is Arthur Bryant's.

    Take care,


  2. Just thought I would tell you that one of the Smoke Stacks caught fire over the weekend. 135th and Holmes (Martin City). I just thought how crazy is that when you and I were just talking about it! It will will be open back up soon....not a complete loss.

    Hope your having a great Monday.

  3. Lindsey, your blogspot is terrific! I enjoyed reading it and looking at snapshots of your life. What a great family and what wonderful friends you have. I will be looking forward to pictures from Italy, so post as many as you can. Have a great time!


  4. Yayayay for Lindsey's blog!!! I love that you get Ryan to pose for pics . . he'll ham it up but he won't post anything himself??

    I've basically told myself I can't read your blog or mess around on facebook till I figure out the Italy schedule . . . but since I've made soooo much progress last night. I'm diggin' in!!

    Question: Have the coasters chipped at all or are they staying in one piece??



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