Thursday, January 15, 2009

When in Rome...

... book a ticket to Italy!!! I am soooo excited! Ryan & I just booked our tickets to Italy in March. That is less then two months. Ryan's sister, Sally, is studying abroad there and we are taking a family trip to visit her. AND my mom is coming too! She has a big birthday this year and has never been to Europe (Ryan & I haven't either) so I thought, "What a perfect way to celebrate her birthday?!". Now that our ticket is booked and it's set in stone we have to start planning what all we want to do. Our plan is to hit up most of the hot spots in Italy and even venture over to the south of France. I actually have family that live there that we will try and visit. I will keep you all posted on our plans. It hasn't really set in that we are actually going!! AHHH!!

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