Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

So if you all were wondering where you might find Ryan & I on any given week or weekend night, you might find us here...
Yes, this is Ryan & Brad throwing up a "C" for Canasta. We are huge nerds and we admit it. But we are addicted to this game! We can't get enough. My grandma taught me to play when I was little and I taught Ryan. Through a series of events we found out that Brad & Lindsey know how to play too and love it as much as we do!! Unbelievable!! If you don't know how to play this game you need to learn. Ryan loves the strategy part of it. Let me just say our nerdiness even extends as far as the boys buying a card shuffler to protect the cards... (Sorry Linds, I know this embarrasses you). I can't tell you the countless nights we have spent playing this game.

After working up an appetite from playing Canasta we headed to Chili's Friday night. I am IN LOVE with the Chocolate Chip Molten dessert. It is a must have!! I am drooling just thinking about it. (And yes the boys are still throwing up the "C" sign. I don't know why since Linds & I creamed them!! Ha!)
After we played one more game after dinner, Ryan & I headed home. Ryan started really coming down with a cold that night. It seemed to increase as we were just driving back to our house! Needless to say, we had a rough night and rough rest of the weekend. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday taking care of my little sickie. Plus, I DEEP cleaned the house because I was worried there might be germs lurking. It felt good to have a clean house and I think it even made Ryan feel better. :) Sunday we tried out a new church that was close to our house. We liked this one the most so far but it was still a little too small for me and I didn't see too many young couples there. It is a fairly new church and has a lot of growing to do. We will probably check it out again. The rest of Sunday was spent watching Red Box movies and vegging out.

I really do try not to blog too much about our cats but it's so hard not too when they are this cute! I was cleaning our comforter and was about to grab it to shake it outside when I found this all tucked in it. Then I went into our bedroom to grab some laundry and I found this guy snuggling with our little stuffed dog. Do you think Yogi is trying to tell us something?? Does he want us to get a dog?? jk!Ryan is doing a lot better and we are relieved that Monday is already over. That is the hardest part of my week! Hope you all had a great weekend.

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