Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Fun

This weekend went by way too fast, but it was packed with fun. Friday night Ryan cooked Chicken Parmesan and baby potatoes, mmm mmm. We just laid low that night and played some Wii. Saturday morning Ryan went to play basketball with the guys and I was going to tag along to work out but had to stay home because a repair man was coming out. Our fireplace is the kind that you click on and off & sometimes it doesn't always click on, so the guy came and fixed it. Then we watch K-State get beat by OU in basketball. :( After that we ventured out to the Galleria for a little shopping. I love window shopping. Our friend Mark called us and invited us to a wine bar that night. So we all went to New York Pizzeria together and then hit the wine bar with friends. We mostly people watched and chatted it up with the group. It was amazing to me to see all the 40-50 year olds out on the prowl! See below: (We found a cougar) :P

Mark & Ryan
(Cougar) Today Ryan & I wanted to try out another church but was again unsuccessful. It was a little sketch so we didn't go in. We ended up doing a bible study of our own this morning and then went to Denny's for brunch. The best part of our day was when we went to the Starving Local Artist sale. They had all kinds of paintings for cheap and they are all unique! We were so excited we found something for above our fireplace. After that, we grabbed a movie at Red Box, which is my new favorite thing. So cheap! That is a theme with me. :) We have just been watching the play offs and cleaning a bit. All and all a great weekend.

Our new oil painting

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