Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Past Christmas's

So I was clicking through some old photos and saw some from the first two Christmas's Ryan & I shared as a married couple. I thought it would be fun to reminisce and see how much has changed in almost three years!

Here we are in the Woodland's outdoor shopping center with their huge Christmas Tree.

Our first Christmas tree at our apartment in Houston. It was a live tree and smelled so good. It was so fun picking it out and decorating it.

Ebright family 2006. We had just gotten Yogi about a month before this picture. Look how tiny he was!!

KC was very interested in a tree that was indoors and not outside where it's supposed to be.

I was letting KC get familiar and inspect the tree hoping he would get it out of his system...

...But later I found him like this! In the middle of the tree!

Christmas 2007 in Bartlesville, OK. This was a neat Christmas because it was our first house and it was really special to have a fireplace to hang our stockings. Of course we have one for the cats!

Another live tree, but I must say it was not as nice as the first one we had. This one died really fast!Ryan was showing off his new sweater from my Godmother, Pat.

Sadly, this year we didn't get a tree because we were just too busy with just moving back to Houston and getting settled in our new house. You better believe we will have one next year! I want to cut it down myself, and by "I" I mean Ryan... :P

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