Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh My!

My poor toe! I had to have yet another minor surgery on my big toe due to wearing too small of shoes back in May. See here for the story. I really should get on a soap box or something about that. Trust me, I will NEVER do that again. Luckily, Ryan was there to hold my hand while I was getting shots to numb my toe. That is the worst part! There is no way to describe how painful those shots are so I will spare you. My poor husband got the short end of the stick because I about squeezed his hand off! Even though he thought he was in more pain, I was glad he was there. However, I did get to leave in this stylin' plastic bag and green slipper.

Notice the smiley face... I was not smiling!
It looks worse then it really is. I'm hoping my toes will be recovered by Italy so I can get a nice pedicure before we leave. (I think I deserve it!)
KC was supporting me from the basket.
Oh and the best part was Ryan bought me TWO Nestle Toll House cookies from their bakery by our house to make me feel better. :o) He knows me too well. <3

Fingers crossed that this is the last of this mess.

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