Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Idol

Nothing much going on right now, which is how I like it! :) Today we went to work, hit the gym, and then ordered Chinese take out. Right now we are watching the Wild Cats being slaughtered by the Hawks... Boo. But when Ryan gives up watching the beating we will be watching... American Idol!! I can't wait. We even discussed our excitement during lunch at Taco Bell (where else would we be?). This show is one of our favorites to watch together. Is anyone else excited for the new season??
Not too much else going on this week. I am starting to research more church's for this upcoming Sunday so maybe we won't strike out again. I am planning on deep cleaning our house and maybe working on a few projects. I will have to show you guys later. Well, I am off to convince Ryan to give up on the basketball game and watch some real talent! Ha!

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