Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You would not believe

You would not believe the week I've had! Sheesh! It started back at Thanksgiving when my mom thought she was coming down with something, but she thought it was more likely allergies. Well she left a parting gift. :) Ryan ended up catching the cold and therefore pasted it to me. I don't know how this happens but I always seem to get it 10 times worse then he does plus it inevitably turns into a sinus infection! He says its because he has such a good immune system. Yeah right! So as I was battling through the snots my right toe starts hurting like "whoa".

*Side note. I hurt both of my big toes this past summer from wearing too small of shoes when I went on a looooong walk with a good friend of mine. She graciously let me borrow her shoes since I forgot mine and I was out of town. Long story short, my big toenails on both feet ended up turning black and having to be removed! EWWW! So that has been a saga (sp?) all on its own. Thanks Fuller! (wink, wink) Moral of the story... DON'T WHERE TOO SMALL OF SHOES!!

I ended up having to go to the Podiatrist on Monday and he removed the left edge/side of my nail and burned it with acid so it wouldn't grow back and continue to hurt like none other! Probably more info then you were wanting... All and all I have been exhausted this week and still trying to learn my new job. I did get on an antibiotic for the toe and it has helped my sinus infection. Killed two birds with one stone! So I am over the hump. Speaking of which... Happy Hump Day!

This was a picture of when I first had my toe nails worked on and I had to soak them in Epson salt. So Ryan wanted to be supportive and do it with me. awww How sweet is he?? (The water was super HOT!)

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