Thursday, December 4, 2008


I have a lot of pictures in this post! A lot to catch up on. Thanksgiving was wonderful with all our family in town. We had so much fun just hanging out, eating, playing games and going to movies. We saw Quantum of Solace and Australia, both were very entertaining and I recommend seeing them! It was so fulfilling to get in some good family time and it was sad to see them go. ;(

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious! This was our most successful family picture we took all week!
Ryan, Mary, Emily, Sally, Harlan and Susan (no face!)
We got some tennis time in. Harlan was fetching the balls that flew over the fence for us. So sweet.
This picture was proof that Susan was on Harlan's side when the ball came to him and he missed! Some how she ended up on his side and blocked his shot because she got in front of him. Too funny.
Look at this pro go!
Her victory dance.
Harlan showing us how its done.
Oh so graceful mom!
I don't even know what you would call this move, but you can see the ball is no where near the racket! Ha!
What can I say? This guy has some hot moves! I may be a little partial. :)
Emily is going for style points here.
We have the true blue pro here making it look so effortless. This took years to prefect.
I think she is angered here and could possible throw her racket at me! No pics of the pro please!
And then there was me... not paying attention to the ball flying past me.
Emily brought all sorts of fun games! I wish we had more time to play them all. Here we were playing Sally's game called salad bowel.
Of course I can't leave out the kitties in the Thanksgiving festivities! KC thought he had a pretty good hiding spot...
We couldn't pass up an opportunity to play with him! He had to peek to see what was messing with him.
I would say that was a pretty good wrap up to a great time with the family. We will get to see them again soon for Christmas when Ryan and I travel up to Kansas City. No other real news other then me just getting settled into my new job this week.
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