Monday, December 29, 2008

Close Call

We had such a wonderful holiday with family and friends, but we did have a close call. We were on our way to Lyons, KS when we got a call that Ryan's grandma, Georgia May, was having a heart attack! The ambulance was taking her to Hutchinson so we just diverted there. Luckily, we were already headed in that direction. By the time we got there she already had surgery to remove the blockage in her heart, went to recovery and now was in ICU. They told us her heart rate was in the 40's and it should be in the 70's!! Georgia apparently has a heart murmur that she has been living with for years, but amazingly she has a very strong heart at the age of 91 almost 92! She is such a trooper. Ryan & I just spent time with her in the hospital and the next day she had a pacemaker placed on her heart to get her heart rate back in the 70's. She should be feeling better then she has in a long time. We were so thankful that she was going to be OK. She definitely scared us! Georgia May has a lot more years to share with us and we are excited she is sticking around to continue to be a blessing to her family.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her and Ryan's sister, Sally.
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