Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We made it!

This post is sort of long, but there is a lot to catch up on. We finally made it to Houston this past Friday. We stayed with Rocky & my Godmother Pat in Dallas Thursday night. We spent a good portion of Friday with them and had a chance to catch up. It is always a joy to spend time with them. It will be nice to be so much closer to them.

Are they not so adorable?!

We are complete goof balls!

It was the perfect day to eat outside.

So we are now staying with two of our bestfriends Brad & Lindsey. They were so gracious opening their home to us. They even took us to a Rockets game last night because Brad got some free tickets. They were amazing seats.

Lindsey is singing along to the music.
The four of us at the game.
Brad, Lindsey, Me, & Ryan

Ok so in this picture you really can't tell but the guy in the middle standing by the corner of the court is Walker from K-State!

I also wanted to give a shout out to Janet her birthday was yesterday and I wasn't there to help her celebrate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANET!

Ryan & I miss you guys so much you were the best roomies!

And of course Ryan is missing Mr. Brody as well. We may need to get one to fill the void! ;)

In other news.... we are closing on our new house November 13th! I can not wait! We have our first walk through this Friday. I don't have the best picture of it from the front since the drive way had not been laid when the picture was taken. I will get a good one this Friday. We will be in Katy and we ended up with a new build! I am so looking forward to not working on the house over the weekends! More later.

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