Friday, November 21, 2008

New Job

Today is my last day in my old job. I can not believe that it is already time to move on to the next position. Time has flown by way too fast! I will really miss my group and the fun times in the position of Wholesale Relationships in Treasury Services. I had a lot of customer interaction with the Dealer/Resellers of the West Coast and let me just say there were a lot of hilarious moments working with them. Monday I will be flying to Bartlesville one last time to transition the job back over to my old group. It's been tough doing this job from Houston when my whole group is in Bartlesville. So I am relieved to finally get settled in a new job. Then I will have the rest of the week off! I can't wait. I start my new job Dec. 1st as an Account Specialist for the Central Marketers in Lubricants under Marketing. Which my mom likes to call "Lubrication". Sick! Oh well, I will still get a lot of customer interaction and I only hope that I will still have the hilarious moments pop up like in the old job. Have a great weekend everybody!

Bye from my old office in Bartlesville!

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