Thursday, November 20, 2008

Go Cats!

This weekend is the last K-State football game of the year... tear ;( But, I must say I am kind of glad the season is over. It was very painful to watch. Hopefully our new coach (whom ever that will be) next year will get us back on our feet. Here are some pics of fun past times at the KSU games. I miss those days (when we were good!).
I really need to start taking some more pictures so that I can blog more about what's going on right now. I promise to do better. :o)

This picture is actually at a baseball game but I thought it was cute.
Fuller, Ryan, & I

Me, Ryan, Megan, & Erin
Megan, Fuller, Erin & I
We were weathering the rain!
Megan & I

This week has been going by soooo slow! We don't have much going on this weekend other then finishing unpacking and getting ready for company. My mom is coming in town Tuesday and Harlan, Susan, Emily, & Sally (Ryan's parents & sisters) are coming in town Thursday to celebrate Thanksgiving at our new house! I can't wait. Lots to do to get ready. :)

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