Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well the cats seem to be adjusting well...

The cats have found it amusing to sit up on the second floor ledge. The first time I saw them do this it scared me to death! I am so worried they are going to fall! Not sure what to do about that yet.
This past Monday I flew back to Bartlesville to transition my job over, and I got to have lunch with some of my girlies! We had lunch at my favorite spot in B'ville. McAlisters! I miss everyone so much. :( It was so good to see them.
Kendall, Me & Janet
My mom is in town and we are definitely tearing up the shopping scene. We got some of the baking done for tomorrow's festivities. I am getting really excited for the Ebright's to get here and cook my first Thanksgiving meal at my house! Well, with a little help... ;)

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Friday, November 21, 2008

New Job

Today is my last day in my old job. I can not believe that it is already time to move on to the next position. Time has flown by way too fast! I will really miss my group and the fun times in the position of Wholesale Relationships in Treasury Services. I had a lot of customer interaction with the Dealer/Resellers of the West Coast and let me just say there were a lot of hilarious moments working with them. Monday I will be flying to Bartlesville one last time to transition the job back over to my old group. It's been tough doing this job from Houston when my whole group is in Bartlesville. So I am relieved to finally get settled in a new job. Then I will have the rest of the week off! I can't wait. I start my new job Dec. 1st as an Account Specialist for the Central Marketers in Lubricants under Marketing. Which my mom likes to call "Lubrication". Sick! Oh well, I will still get a lot of customer interaction and I only hope that I will still have the hilarious moments pop up like in the old job. Have a great weekend everybody!

Bye from my old office in Bartlesville!

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Go Cats!

This weekend is the last K-State football game of the year... tear ;( But, I must say I am kind of glad the season is over. It was very painful to watch. Hopefully our new coach (whom ever that will be) next year will get us back on our feet. Here are some pics of fun past times at the KSU games. I miss those days (when we were good!).
I really need to start taking some more pictures so that I can blog more about what's going on right now. I promise to do better. :o)

This picture is actually at a baseball game but I thought it was cute.
Fuller, Ryan, & I

Me, Ryan, Megan, & Erin
Megan, Fuller, Erin & I
We were weathering the rain!
Megan & I

This week has been going by soooo slow! We don't have much going on this weekend other then finishing unpacking and getting ready for company. My mom is coming in town Tuesday and Harlan, Susan, Emily, & Sally (Ryan's parents & sisters) are coming in town Thursday to celebrate Thanksgiving at our new house! I can't wait. Lots to do to get ready. :)

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We finally closed on our house Friday and moved in the same day. Sorry I don't have any pictures to post with this blog, but it was sort of hectic. I promise to post more pics later. The closing went smooth and the movers were great getting things unpacked quickly. Our house is starting to feel like a home now. The first night that we spent there was little surreal because we weren't staying with friends. We were actually staying in our own place! I am still getting used to the idea that we are staying put and this was our final destination. I just wanted to give you all a quick update to let you all know we are getting settled in our new place.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Talented Pets

I had to show you some of the mad skills that my cats possess. (Really I was bored today at work so I decided to thrill you all with how talented our cats are!) They really should be on some kind of talent show...
Yogi has some ups! The thing in Ryan's hand is Yogi's favorite toy.
(You can see KC in the background watching, lol.)
"Hey, I'm talkin' to you!"
KC can fetch like a dog!
Exhibit A: My mom is about to throw the ball down the hall.
This time KC is just bringing it back soccer style.

But this time he has it in his mouth to bring to my mom to throw again!

Man, I love my cats. :o) They are just so entertaining. I hope that they have entertained you as well.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Pics

This was the model home so it is nicely decorated!


Stairs split left to two bedrooms and bathroom & right is a game room

Game room

View of living room from upstairs
Dinning room off entryway
Kitchen (we are putting cabinets over the refrigerator)
Eat in kitchen
Master Bathroom
Backyard the stone path leads to a little stone patiopost signature

Friday, November 7, 2008

New Diggs

This will be our new home in less then a week! We can not wait! Being homeless for over a month can take a toll but it has been fun staying with friends and not really having any home responsibilities. We're ready to be in one place and get settled again. And what better place to do then this one! :) They were cleaning the carpets in this pic so that's the reason for the random tubing in the screen shot. More to come!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We made it!

This post is sort of long, but there is a lot to catch up on. We finally made it to Houston this past Friday. We stayed with Rocky & my Godmother Pat in Dallas Thursday night. We spent a good portion of Friday with them and had a chance to catch up. It is always a joy to spend time with them. It will be nice to be so much closer to them.

Are they not so adorable?!

We are complete goof balls!

It was the perfect day to eat outside.

So we are now staying with two of our bestfriends Brad & Lindsey. They were so gracious opening their home to us. They even took us to a Rockets game last night because Brad got some free tickets. They were amazing seats.

Lindsey is singing along to the music.
The four of us at the game.
Brad, Lindsey, Me, & Ryan

Ok so in this picture you really can't tell but the guy in the middle standing by the corner of the court is Walker from K-State!

I also wanted to give a shout out to Janet her birthday was yesterday and I wasn't there to help her celebrate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANET!

Ryan & I miss you guys so much you were the best roomies!

And of course Ryan is missing Mr. Brody as well. We may need to get one to fill the void! ;)

In other news.... we are closing on our new house November 13th! I can not wait! We have our first walk through this Friday. I don't have the best picture of it from the front since the drive way had not been laid when the picture was taken. I will get a good one this Friday. We will be in Katy and we ended up with a new build! I am so looking forward to not working on the house over the weekends! More later.

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