Monday, October 27, 2008

Last Weekend in KC

This weekend was great because I got to see my mom, grandma & best friend all in one swoop! We did a little bit of shopping and saw my best friend's new apartment, which by the way is incredibly decorated. It went by so fast. I wish I had more time there. :( It was hard knowing that this will be the last time I will see everyone for awhile and the fact that I will be a lot farther away. But Ryan and I will be having our family down for Thanksgiving so that is not too far away!
Mom, Grandma, and I (again not the best picture but it works!)

Grandma & I

Me & Kara (besties)

Kara's adorable dog Jager (like the alcohol)
Another fun fact from this weekend is.... Ryan found us a house!!! Once we do the inspections and everything is finalized I will tell you all about it! We are super excited and it is a huge relief that we finally found something. :o)

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