Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Houston Bound

So as many of you know we are in the process of moving back to Houston as of November 1st. It has been a crazy last month or so and will continue to be for a bit. We just got back from our house hunting trip and let me tell you... it was so tiring!! We must have looked at 60 houses! Geez! We did end up putting an offer on a house that we really like and the location is great. So hopefully I will be blogging about the accepted offer soon. ;) This is a pic of us on the plane ride home.
Our friends Brad and Lindsey were so wonderful for letting us stay with them, and we could quite possibly be their new roomies if we can't find a house in time! So hopefully we won't kill them off if that happens. This pic is from when they came to visit us in Houston before they moved there. They are actually in Galveston in this pic. They are sooo fun!

So this week is filled with the preparation of moving out in a week. A week people!! We will be staying with some more incredible friends, Nat and Janet, for a couple of weeks until the big move. We were able to sell our house quick which was a HUGE blessing but we have to be out before our move date. It is a lot of mixed emotions for both Ryan and I as this was our first house we purchased. I will try and keep you all updated on all the craziness in the next few weeks. This picture is of KC and Ryan when we got home from our house hunting trip. You can tell that KC really missed Ryan. Such a daddies boy. :)
Ok I have to throw one in of Yogi too! He stationed himself on our luggage when we got back because he missed us as well.


  1. Yay! Another blog to follow! These things are addictive. Thanks for letting me know about it. Good luck with the house hunt! Love ya!

  2. How exciting Girl! We have actually been looking at houses in Katy as well. We are almost positive that we will be out there at some point.... we just have to try to sell our house and who knows if that's even possible! I'll keep you posted on our move as well!! I can't wait to have you back in Houston!!!


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